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A Note From Our Founder...

When I'm not writing editing, teaching or leading my awesome team, you can find me... 

Reading "just one more chapter," especially with my two kids.

Curling up in front of the fire with my favorite rescue pup.

Hiking through adventurous weekends with my husband.

Visiting amazing museums and libraries in Minneapolis on hot summer days...and through the endless winter.

Traveling the world with my favorite people. Follow along with all our crazy adventures over on Instagram. Then, send me a message and say hello!


Who is Midwest Writing & Editing?

Our founder is a writer and editor. But she's also a teacher and a mentor. She has spent decades teaching young people and adults, overseeing interns and professional staff, and, most recently, helping newer writers and translators establish their footing through encouragement, support, and professional advice.

Midwest Writing and Editing began as a one-woman operation when Rachel's oldest was a brand new baby. We have grown as that baby grew. Now, we are a team of writers, editors and translators, still inspired by Rachel's uncanny eye for editing and unique writing voice.

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