Distanced, But Still Learning course

Move your family from survive to thrive at your own pace


This is a totally bananas, completely upside-down time. But that doesn't mean things have to fall apart!

Our distance learning resources have already helped hundreds of families THRIVE during distance learning. The tips and tricks in our free online community and ebook are saving a whole lot of collective sanity.

And coming soon... a course that will help you understand your child's learning even more and give you all the action steps you need to make distance learning a total success.

Grab a copy of Distance Learning Success to get started. And have the opportunity to add our course at a steep discount when it launches very soon.

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Writing Support for Creatives course

Better content. Less time. All the support.

In your desperate search to write better, tell me if you've ever been tempted with promises like these... 


Give us $2,000, and we'll share the cure to good copy!

Fill in the template, and your copy will write itself!

And of course you're tempted to click. Because that sounds amazing! But they're also empty promises.

You do not need to spend thousands of dollars or fill in some blanks to create better copy. 

So what does work?

Sound advice you can put into practice right away, not gimmicks or empty promises. 


A course with a real writing teacher, guaranteed to transform your writing, once and for all.

Businesses pay me thousands of dollars to help them create better copy. But I'm on a mission to help as many people as possible write and speak as well as possible without a huge financial investment. 


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Distance Learning Support and Writing Support for Creatives are coming soon!

Better copy

Supported parenting

No gimmicks or empty promises

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Meet Your Teacher

Rachel is an accomplished writer, editor, and teacher. She has written everything from textbooks and teachers' guides to websites and workbooks. Rachel taught high school English in Baltimore, where she also coached an award-winning speech team. She wrote and spoke all over Capitol Hill and for organizations back home in Minnesota. Writing and public speaking are second nature to Rachel, and she's here to give you the tools you need to feel the same way.  


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