I'm writing a novel. Now what?

This is the face of terror. Of horror. The face of a peaceful winter afternoon of leisure, shockingly disrupted by the realization that I've finally started to write the book that I've been pondering for years.

But now what?

Now I get to start writing.

And now I get to share all the terror and horror of writing my first novel with all of you.

In the coming weeks and months (let's be honest...and years) I will share the process of crafting my first novel under this, the watchful gaze of the internet. This seems like a wonderful idea, as the internet is widely known to be filled only with happy rainbows and smiling kittens.

So help me take the next step. If you've written a novel, what are your best tips and pointers? If you've always wanted to write one, but never started, what held you back? If you have a story burning inside you like I do, maybe we can face down the tyranny of the blank page together.

Shoot me a comment below, and tell me about your project. Let's get writing.

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