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We're all asking ourselves that question right now.

What gifts do I have that I can share with others?

I didn't teach elementary school (to be honest, the littles ones scare me in large groups), but I did teach high school. And now I write lesson plans for the middle grades for a living. As our family has been staying at home over the past few weeks, I've started to create lessons and activities for my two small children. 

Now I'm sharing them with all of you. This is the gift I have to give.

These lessons are not professionally designed (nor have they been field-tested outside my own kitchen table), but they are professionally created. And they are shared with love and a deep sense of hope, optimism, and commitment to our shared community.

Complete the form to the right if you'd like to be notified when I post new lessons. I'll also send along my own mom/teacher suggestions on how to use the lessons in your own hoe, including links to other resources and ideas for extension activities. 

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Early Elementary Lessons

A Journey Through Time

  • Research and write about benchmarks in world history

  • Skills: history, language arts and research, some math

  • Estimated completion time: 2 hours or more

Preschool Lessons

Colored Counting Blocks

  • Write and draw about events in world history

  • Skills: counting and coloring

  • Estimated completion time: Less than 1 hour

Elementary Genealogy

  • Write letters to grandparents and other relatives

  • Skills: history, language arts and family research

  • Estimated completion time: 30 minutes


Optional field trip: visit gravesites or places that were important to the people you researched.

Preschool Genealogy

  • Write notes to grandparents and other relatives

  • Skills: history, writing, drawing

  • Estimated completion time: 30 minutes

Artistic Points of View     

  • Consider points of view & characters in classic art 

  • Skills: language arts, art history

  • Estimated completion time: 1 hour or more

The People in Paintings

  • Consider characters in classic art 

  • Skills: writing and drawing

  • Estimated completion time: Up to 1 hour

Optional field trip: visit museums to look for characters. If museums are closed, take a virtual tour.

Poetry Mad Libs

  • Fill in blanks of a poem to write your own 

  • Skills: language arts, imagination

  • Estimated completion time: 1 hour or more

Counting to 100

  • Trace numbers and fill in blanks: all the way to 100! 

  • Skills: counting and writing

  • Estimated completion time: Up to 1 hour

Cinderella Stories

  • Brainstorm character and plot details to write your own fairy tale

  • Skills: language arts, imagination, organization

  • Estimated completion time: 1 hour or more

Cinderella Stories

  • Brainstorm character details to draw your own fairy tale character

  • Skills: language arts, imagination, art

  • Estimated completion time: Up to 1 hour

Harry Potter Spells

  • Use Latin roots to create unique Harry Potter spells

  • Skills: etymology, imagination, synthesis

  • Estimated completion time: unlimited

Word Part Combinations

  • Use letters and letter combinations to create as many new words as you can!

  • Skills: sight words, letter sounds

  • Estimated completion time: 1 hour or more

Optional extension: Use as many Latin roots as you can to create even more new words and creative spells.

Then do the same with Greek roots, too! Find a great list of Latin and Greek roots here.

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