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Veteran Story Project

In the Classroom

The Veteran Story Project began as a collaboration between Carver County Veteran Services and Eastern Carver County Schools. Midwest Writing and Editing facilitated the project that brought together more than 20 veterans and more than 200 students from Chaska Middle School East. Veterans had a chance to share stories and be heard, while students received a valuable and tangible civics lesson.

Read all about the impact this experience had on the students, teachers, veterans, and greater community.

Midwest Writing and Editing can coordinate this program in your school community, from helping to secure grant funding to facilitating relationships and planning the interview day and related community-building activities. If you represent a local VSO or teach a course with a civics requirement, drop us a line to get the process started.

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Coming Soon: Family Connections

The Veteran Story Project will also soon be able to connect families and loved ones with veterans through oral and written storytelling.

Because "You don't know what you don't know." 

Many family members don't know about their veteran's military experience simply because they don't know what questions to ask. This tool was created to help bridge that gap.

The same carefully curated questions that make our classroom experience so meaningful will soon be available to help spark conversation between veterans and their loved ones. 

Unlike other veteran storytelling programs, all answers will be sent directly to you for your own safekeeping. If you'd like to be part of future beta testing for this product,
please let us know.

Together Again
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