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Veteran Story Project

Family Connections

The Veteran Story Project connects families and loved ones with veterans through oral and written storytelling.

Because "You don't know what you don't know." 

Many family members don't know about their veteran's military experience simply because they don't know what questions to ask. This tool was created to help bridge that gap.

These carefully curated questions help spark conversation by encouraging loved ones to share precious memories. Families and friends learn more about a life that was shaped by the unique experience of military service.

This classroom space guides you step-by-step through the conversation process. It will then send you all your veterans' answers to you automatically for your own safekeeping. Don't worry about the "assignment" terminology. This journey is all about you and your veteran.

Start the conversation.

School Connections

The Veteran Story Project has expanded into schools. Roughly 200 students from Chaska Middle School East interviewed 21 veterans using the same guiding questions to form real relationships.


Read all about the impact this experience had on the students, teachers, veterans, and greater community.

Midwest Writing and Editing can coordinate this program in your school community. Drop us a line to get the process started.

Together Again
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