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Start Creating Right Now

Write Better Copy in Less Time for Less Money


In your desperate, late-night quest to write better copy, tell me if you've seen promises like these... 


Give us $2,000, and we'll share the cure to good copy!

These are the words your ideal customer wants to hear!

Fill in the template, and your copy will write itself!

And of course you're tempted to click. Because that sounds amazing! 


But you do not need to spend thousands of dollars to learn how to write good copy. These write-by-number, once-size-fits-all approaches just don't work. They aren't authentic. They won't connect with your audience.

So what does work?


Shorter, more accessible courses

Real advice from a professional writer turned English teacher


Real tools that you can start using right now

Businesses pay me thousands of dollars to help them create better copy. But I'm on a mission to help as many people as possible write and speak as well as possible. So I've created a series of courses. Starting at just $4.99.

Check out the quick intro video below for a quick introduction to me and my teaching. And to find out why I know I can help you.

Still have questions? Drop us a line or slide into my DMs.


Create Content with Confidence: Course Library

All our courses will help you connect with your audience right now. And they'll give you the tools you need to keep connecting for years to come.

Grab one amazing mini-course. Or bundle a few courses together and save. All of them will help you write and speak better right now.

All courses are yours forever. Like Twinkies, they're fresh and sweet right now, but they will still do the trick in ten years.


Course Bundle I: Write Like a Pro: Mini-Courses and Guides

Grab just what you need, or snag a bundle of all 4 writing courses and save. 

Copy of Writing Guides Banner_getting st

Getting Started: mini-course and guide

The first step is always the hardest. Rachel shows you how to beat writer's block and go from blank screen to amazing words.


Copy of Writing Guides Banner_business.p

Business Writing: mini-course and guide

Business writing is different than any other kind of writing. Check out Rachel's quick and easy ways to start connecting with customers right now.


Copy of Writing Guides Banner_persuasive

Persuasive Writing: mini-course and guide


Getting your audience to follow along has never been easier. Rachel will show you how to step up in a way that will get pretty much anyone to follow along.



Copy of Writing Guides Banner_revision.p

Easy Revision: mini-course and guide

You've written a first draft, but it just doesn't sound quite right. You have the tools to be your own editor--for this draft and every draft from now on--and Rachel will show you how.


Copy of Writing Guides Banner_Pro Bundle

Bundle & Save

Write Like a Pro: all FOUR writing courses in one place for less

No matter what you're writing or who your audience is, our five writing courses will get your project from big idea to big success.


Course Bundle II: Creative Writing: Mini-Courses and Guides

Grab just what you need, or snag a bundle of all 3 creative writing mini-courses and save. 

Copy of Writing Guides Banner_good chara

Writing Characters: mini-course and guide

A good character feels like a real person, so to write good characters, you first have to get to know them. Rachel explains how in this fun creative writing mini-course.


Copy of Writing Guides Banner_story elem

Writing Story Elements: mini-course and guide

Writing good fiction is like assembling a big jigsaw puzzle. Rachel takes you through each piece so that you can write a story that people will love to read.


Copy of Writing Guides Banner_plot.png

Writing Plot: mini-course and guide

How many pages does it take to hook a reader? What's type of story structure does *every* publisher look for? From the casual storyteller to the budding novelist, Rachel covers everything you need to know to construct a good story.


Copy of Writing Guides Banner_creative w

Bundle & Save

Creative Writing Bundle: all THREE creative writing courses in one place for less

Why stop at one when you can have access to all three? Rachel walks you through each of the three parts of a good story: characters, plot, and the elements of a good story. No matter the story you're writing, Rachel can help you tell it.


Course Bundle III: Public Speaking with Confidence: Mini-Courses and Guides

Grab just what you need, or snag a bundle of all 3 public speaking mini-courses and save. 

Copy of Writing Guides Banner_public spe

Public Speaking with Confidence: mini-course and guide

Go from "I'm terrified to get in front of a crowd" to "Where's my mic?!" in this confidence-boosting course. Rachel is putting her years of public speaking experience, teaching, and coaching to work for you.


Copy of Writing Guides Banner_interview.

Nail Any Interview: mini-course and guide

Say "Adios!" to sweaty palms, awkward silences, and crickets instead of job offers. Nail absolutely any interview with Rachel's easy-to-follow tips and tricks.


Copy of Writing Guides Banner_pitch.png

Perfect Your Pitch: mini-course and guide

You're at a networking event, and you only have ten seconds to explain what you do. Rachel shows you how to talk up your product or business if you only have a few seconds, or if you have the luxury of time.


Copy of Writing Guides Banner_public spe

Bundle & Save

Public Speaking Bundle: all THREE public speaking courses in one place for less

Why stop at one when you can have access to all three? Combat the jitters, ace every interview, and lock down the pitch that will make everyone want to work with you. All of Rachel's tips and tricks from decades of public speaking and teaching are now all in one place.


Course Bundle IV: All Ten Mini-Courses and Guides

Copy of Writing Guides Banner_suite.png

Best Value

Complete Suite: all TEN courses in one place for the lowest price

All of Rachel's fun and informative courses are now in one place! This is the ultimate reference you'll come back to again and again.


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