Writing Accountability

Get it DONE!

How many drafts have you started with hope and excitement? Have you felt that rush of adrenaline as the text flows from your fingers to the page?

How many of those drafts have you finished?

How many great ideas have you had for articles or blog posts or even amazing emails, just to have them lose steam without ever reaching paper?

It's time to stop dreaming about your writing.

It's time to finally get it DONE.

But how?! With the right support, right now.

With a writing class that's not a class at all. But regular check-ins and accountability and a schedule that works. Marathon runners don't train without a timeline. You shouldn't write without one either.

With a writing teacher who is also a published author, lovingly holding your feet to the fire the entire way. Regular check-ins. Group accountability. Technical help as you need it and creative inspiration when you're ready for it.

With the kick-start you need to get your creativity from "stuck" to "stellar." In a lot less time than you think.

But what?! I'm no novelist.

We are here to help you finish whatever needs to be written.

New website copy? Done!

This year's blog posts? Done!

A full-length novel? Done.

It doesn't matter what needs to be written. We're here for the support and know-how to get it done.

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Meet Your Teacher

Rachel is an accomplished writer, editor, and teacher. She has written everything from textbooks and teachers' guides to websites and reports. Rachel taught high school English in Baltimore, where she also coached an award-winning Speech team. She wrote and spoke all over Capitol Hill and for organizations back home in Minnesota. Writing and teaching are second nature to Rachel, and she's here to give you the tools you need to feel the same way.  


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