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Writing & Editing

Rachel has written textbooks and teachers' guides, crafted websites and webinars. She taught in Baltimore County schools and gave presentations across Capitol Hill. See a detailed list of Rachel's work and experiences below.

Now, she's putting her decades of expertise to work for you.

From proofreading and copyediting on retainer to writing beautiful new words from scratch, Rachel has the skills your organization needs. Sliding-scale fees are available for students, nonprofits and BIPOC-owned businesses and individuals from the global majority.

Keep scrolling to learn how Rachel can best work with you or drop her a line to learn more.


I don't send any marketing material to my clients without having Rachel take a look at it first. She finds grammar mistakes and helps me make my messages clear and easy for my clients to understand.

Kristen Gyolai

The Law Office of Kristen Gyolai

Proofreading on Retainer

Starting at $47/month

Sliding scale pricing available

Spotting errors is Rachel's superpower! Keep her skills in your back pocket by working with her on retainer. Avoid those "How did we not catch that?!" moments forever.


Get edits back at lightening speed, typically within one business day.

Copyediting on Retainer

Starting at $67/month

Sliding scale pricing available

A step beyond proofreading. Get Rachel's eagle-eye for grammar, plus her detailed feedback on organization, style and voice. Make every piece of writing instantly easier to read and understand.

Turnaround time is typically 2-3 business days.

Proofreading and Copyediting on Demand

Starting at $297/project

Sliding scale pricing available

When you don't have enough steady work to keep Rachel on retainer, work with her on a per-project basis. Turnaround time is longer, but is still typically less than one week.

Developmental Editing

Starting at $597

Sliding scale pricing available

Rachel can work through your website, newsletter, or proposal line-by-line. She'll deconstruct what needs to be fixed and put it all back together again, all while maintaining your unique voice.

Content Creation

Starting at $997

Sliding scale pricing available

Let Rachel help you tell your story from the very beginning, even if you're not sure what it should sound like. Watch your ideas transform into beautiful words.


Send us a quick note to learn more about working with Rachel! Tell us what kind of editing you need, and we'll take it from there.

Our reports are so much better because of Rachel.

Our staff learned so much from her.

Diane Kokal

Communications Specialist

SVP Research Services

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Clips & Work

Rachel's Professional Highlights

  • Over 25 years of writing and communications experience

  • High school English teacher and competitive Speech coach

  • Writer and public speaker: United States Congress   

  • Writer and public speaker: Minnesota Attorney General

  • Writer, editor, and project manager: various nonprofits and small businesses

  • Independent writer and editor: magazines, nonprofits and businesses, simultaneously managing several ongoing projects

Rachel's Memberships and Certifications

Writing and Editing for Education

Writing, Substantive Editing, Project Management, Assessment Creation: Middle Grade Teachers' Guides; Teacher Created Materials

Developmental Editing and Project Management: Competitive Debate textbook; Perfection Learning

Writing: AP European History textbook [2018 ]and AP Microeconomics textbook; Perfection Learning

Writing: GED Science and Social Studies study guide (Social Studies component); BarCharts Publishing

Editing: AP United States History textbook;  Perfection Learning

Website Copywriting
Magazine and Literary Journal Articles

Feature article in national Parent magazine

Feature article in Minnesota Parent magazine: "Top Taprooms: Best Twin Cities Breweries for Families"

Feature article in Solstice Literary Journal: "Writing Through Postpartum"

Personal memoir in Rebellious Magazine for Women: "I'm Starting to Forget Some of My Babies"

Parenting Column: Rebellious Magazine for Women

I was so pleased with Rachel's professionalism and excellence.

I highly recommend her services!

Rachel's Recent Work

Amy Nelson

Inventor and Entrepreneur

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