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Stop doubting and start writing

You have...

  • A desire to write

  • The need to be heard

  • A book, a blog post, or any other project inside you that needs to get out.

  • Amazing ideas that the world needs to hear!

You also have...

  • Writer's block

  • Imposter's syndrome

  • A fear of sounding foolish

  • Paralyzing worry about all those little writing mistakes

  • So much writing overwhelm that you don't even know where to begin

Rachel has...

  • Decades of writing and teaching experience.

  • Real tips & tricks that you can put into practice right now.

  • An infectious love of writing and learning that will help motivate you to be the absolute best writer you can be.


Welcome to The Write House

Rachel's signature program will help you...

  • Build amazing writing from the foundation through the finishing touches.

  • ​Put all your writing doubts and worries to bed for good.

  • Create better content in half the time (maybe even less).

  • Stop doubting and start writing.


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Rachel provides an invaluable service for anyone looking to upgrade their writing skills. 

Peter Jacobson

Founder and Director

Total Vocal Freedom

Welcome to The Write House


When I taught high school English in Baltimore, I created a new method to help hundreds of students write a whole lot better in a lot less time. How? By giving them the tools they needed and a structure they could understand.


Now, I'm sharing this method with you.

Together, we will learn...

  • How to capture all your ideas worth writing about (Spoiler: there are TONS).

  • How to practice writing purposefully and efficiently.

  • How to turn knowledge you already have into amazing words and sentences...that other people want to read.

  • How to include what's necessary (and how to spot what isn't).

  • How to polish your writing without getting rid of your voice.

  • How to build the absolute best piece of writing every time, from the foundation up through the finishing touches.

  • How to remember all those pesky grammar rules that other people always seem to notice.

And all in a super accessible, super fun, easy-to-remember format.

Welcome to The Write House


Come Inside The Write House

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And be the first to know when the house is open. .

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