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Distanced, But Still Learning

How Our Family Went from "Survive" to "Thrive"

The Early Days

True story: this is the photo I sent to a good friend at the end of one of our first days of distance learning. She asked, "So, how's it going?" This photo was all I had in me to reply. 


It was 5:00 pm. I appear to have only recently found time for a shower. On the plus side, I do seem to have transitioned well from "daytime pajamas" to "nighttime pajamas."


I'm also pretty sure I hadn't eaten yet. And I'm positive my son was still pretending to do school work (though actually scrolling through inappropriate YouTube videos) while my daughter tried her best to distract him.


This was also the moment I realized that something had to change.


The Change

Literally overnight, our days shifted from crazy chaos to productive calm. Both my husband and I continued to work. And both our kids ROCKED distance learning.

But I saw my friends continue to struggle. They were using everything they had just to get through a single day.

So I created a community and wrote eBook, just to help my fellow parents.


In the Distanced, But Still Learning community, you'll find new motivation and support every single day. All for free. All in a safe, private space.


In the Distance Learning Success eBook, I share exactly how your family can pivot to success. Including the ONE trick that made all the difference literally overnight.

With a little expert help, your family can THRIVE during this crazy time, too.

Kids in Preschool

What do parents say about the

Distance Learning Success

A few stories from real parents...




It is so obvious that Rachel was a great teacher. Her information is so well researched. But it's still going to be so easy to add to our everyday routine. Her style is also really approachable and funny. That's one thing every parent doing distance learning needs: more laughter!



I feel armed with tips, tools, and real life strategies for navigating the tricky world of distance learning. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is feeling stressed about another school year with distance learning.


It's like somebody gave me all the insider info that teachers keep to themselves. We're going to schedule our days so differently now and have confidence for the new school year.



This definitely gave me a lot of tools to use as we start this school year. I'm hopeful that this will help us manage the overwhelm and stress.



We were so lost before. Crying and struggling and pretty much just yelling at each other all the time. Now I'm actually looking forward to distance learning. I never thought I'd say that.



As I was reading, I kept thinking of all the ways that this will make life so much easier for our entire family, right away.



Kids in Preschool

What's included in the

Distance Learning Success


A network of support, communication and schedule templetes, a resources so much more.

online community

The Distanced, But Still Learning Online Community 

  • A PRIVATE community of other parents with similar struggles and tons of advice. Not Facebook or an open network. A unique site, just for us.

  • Moderated EVERY DAY by a former teacher, turned professional writer, turned distance learning success story.

  • Research, articles, and questions.

  • Motivation, resources, and real support.

  • Always FREE. Always HERE for you and your family.

The Distanced Learning Success eBook

  • Rachel's own detailed success story through distance learning.

  • Small enough to bite off in one sitting. Detailed enough to include EVERYTHING you need.

  • SCHEDULES that will work for your family, no matter how many kids you have or how natural they are at learning.

  • Tips and tricks to recognize HOW YOUR CHILD LEARNS, plus real ways to tap into their strengths to make them work.

  • Email TEMPLATES to establish good communication with teachers and principals.

  • Hundreds of resources--both SCREEN-FREE and PARENT-FREE--to keep every kid busy and learning, all day long.


Get a copy

Get Distance Learning Success--a $40 value--at an introductory rate of just $19.99. That's more than 50% off the retail value. The tools inside are so helpful--so revolutionary to your family's health and happiness--that we want to make this resource as accessible as possible.

Give a copy

We've partnered with local school districts to ensure that every family who needs a copy of Distance Learning Success can have it. Your purchase helps ensure that every student is ready to learn, no matter where they're learning from.

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